My Story

Welcome. I’m Dr. Berrylin Mangin. You can call me Berrylin.

My story began in North Florida. I was born and raised in Jacksonville. I still love it there. I miss my family, the beach, the smell of the marsh and the way spanish moss hangs on an old magnolia trees.

I also have deep roots here in Tennessee. My grandfather was born and raised in Nashville and I feel comforted by the connection that I feel to this town. I am grateful that it has become my home.

My clinical journey led me on quite the cross country road trip.  I began my graduate work at Boston College and then transferred to complete my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Regent University.  My internship was at the University of North Dakota Counseling Center.  Post-internship, I spent three years working with students at Austin Peay State University and then 2 years working with clients at the YMCA Restore Ministries Counseling Center.  I have been in private practice since August 2013.  

I am passionate about this work. I believe that each person has innate, immeasurable and steadfast worth.  Holding on to that worth in a world that is tragic requires deep and continual healing in the depth of our hearts. In our therapeutic process, I will learn your story and together we will walk through it.  As we explore each aspect, you will most likely learn to: feel your feelings and connect with the experience of that in your body; find clarity on where truth is in your heart and story; own your story and know your choices; draw healthy, firm and breathable boundaries. Our journey together will be a mixture of learning the depth of your own story and seeing how it weaves with the stories of others.  As healing permeates your heart, you will begin to learn new ways of living and loving well.  I hope to give each of you a place: to come and rest; to feel safe; to be seen and heard; to be challenged and empowered.  At the end of our journey together, I hope you will live and love from that place of true worth.   

I work with individuals, both men and women, groups, couples and I integrate family work when appropriate.  For more information, please call me at 615-707-2437.  I am happy to do a brief phone consultation to discuss whether you and I would be a good fit.  I look forward to hearing from you.   Should you wish to confirm my Psychologist license in the State of Tennessee, my license number is 2881 and the website is http://health.state.tn.us/Licensure/default.aspx.